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The 16th Southwest Seed Industry Expo 2024

 The 16th Southwest Seed Industry Expo 2024
Time: August 20-21, 2024    
Location: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center

Gathering high-quality seeds from around the world, a one-stop purchasing platform for southwest fine seeds
Combine giants to create a seed industry event for the huge market in Southeast Asia

Exhibition introduction:
The Southwest Seed Industry Expo is hailed as the "Vane for the development of China's seed industry" in the industry. It is held regularly in Kunming every year, attracting tens of thousands of professional visitors to visit and purchase. The exhibition is well-known in the seed industry for its "large scale, complete varieties, good effects, and strong popularity". Its influence covers the southwest, radiates across the country, and affects Southeast Asia. The expo has now become an annual event where domestic and foreign seed industry enterprises, international traders, dealers, nurseries, large growers, government agencies, industry associations and other relevant people gather together.
The 16th Southwest Seed Industry Expo 2024 will be held at the Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 20-21, 2024, with an exhibition area of 80,000 square meters, and an estimated 80,000 buyers from across the country and Southeast Asia, will continue to create a seed industry event that radiates across the country and connects with Southeast Asia. The organizing committee invites outstanding domestic and foreign seed companies and traders to participate in the exhibition and visit, and share the fruitful results of the Southwest Seed Industry Expo. The positioning and theme of "Seeds gather around the world and radiate to Southeast Asia" have become a reality.

Last exhibition data
Exhibitors: 487                                                                     International buyers: 1,562 people
Domestic buyers: 44,573                                                    (Buyers from 18 provinces and cities across the country)
Planting cooperatives and base leaders: 1,725               Participants satisfaction: 85%

Review of Last Session:
With the strong support of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Department of Agriculture, the Municipal Commerce Bureau and other competent authorities, the 15th Southwest Seed Industry Expo, had a grand opening co-sponsored by the Yunnan Vegetable Industry Association and Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., in Kunming on August 25 at Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center . A total of 487 seed industry companies participated in the exhibition, with a total of 46,135 visitors visited the exhibition. During the exhibition, Yunnan Daily, Spring City Evening News,, NetEase, Sina, Tencent, etc. reported the entire event. The exhibition content covers the entire seed industry chain, bringing together cutting-edge technologies and high-end products in the field and vegetable seed industries to meet a wide range of procurement needs in the planting field. As China's only seed industry event for Southeast Asia, the exhibition attracted international buyers from Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries. At the same time, the 2023 Southwest Agricultural Science and Technology Expo New Products and New Technology Exchange Meeting and the 2023 China-Malaysia International Shennong Model Award Ceremony held to strengthen domestic and foreign industry exchanges and promote corporate trade negotiations and brand promotion. Some exhibiting companies: Dunhuang Seed Industry, Egret, Wannong Hi-Tech, Syngenta Seed Industry, Zunyi Agricultural Materials and Agriculture Fund, Sichuan Kenfeng, Nunem, Dayu Seed Industry, Shouguang Sanmu, Hainan Fuyou, Sichuan Gold Medal, Guizhou Jinnong, Yunnan Xianyu, Sichuan Fengda, Yunnan Jiayuyuan, Yunnan Kuihe, Ningxia Haoyu, Ningxia Taijin, Yunnan Chenrui, Guangzhou Baocheng, Aobang Agriculture, Wolfforth, Pingfeng Seed Industry, Guizhou Jinqian, Guizhou Liangzi, Chongqing Youbing, Chongqing Xuehai, Chongqing Yunfeng, Mianyang Huaxia, Hebei Mulanduo, Tianjin Dehuinong, Huafeng Grass Industry, Beijing Zhengdao, Kaiyuan Grass Industry, Anshun Xin Yonghong, Guangzhou Daguan, Shenyang Xinfengxiang, Guangxi Shihao, Shenyang Huanggu, Sichuan Hanyan, Xiamen Almighty, Pinshi Top, German Fologa, Yunnan Kunfu, Qingdao Peterman, Zhongnong Fude, Shanghai Hui He, Zhongnong Runtian, Henan Zhongsheng, Beijing Debaitai, Shandong Xia Zhiqiu, Hangzhou Sedelin, Yuxi Tobacco Seeds, Beijing Yunshou and other companies participated in the exhibition (The above ranking is in no particular order)

Same time Events:
1. 2024 Southwest Corn Seed Industry Conference;
2. The 21st Southwest Agricultural Materials Expo;
3. The 14th China Industrial Agriculture and Water-Saving Irrigation Exhibition;
4. The 8th Southwest Agricultural Machinery Exhibition;
5. 2024 Southwest Agricultural Science and Technology Expo New Products and New Technology Exchange Conference;

Exhibition Highlights
Highlight 1: Authoritative institutions join efforts to integrate and upgrade resources
The Southwest Seed Industry Expo serves as a bridgehead to expand the market in Southwest and Southeast Asia. With the participation of the Yunnan Provincial Seed Industry Association, the Yunnan Provincial Vegetable Industry Association, the Yunnan Provincial Seed Management Station and other organizations, it will give full play to the cohesion of the government, industry associations and enterprises, and Integrate the resource advantages of all parties, will jointly create a seed industry event centered on Southwest China, connected to the world, and radiating across the country.

Highlight 2: Focusing on southwest China, connect with Southeast Asia
As the largest, highest-level and most influential seed industry exhibition in Southwest China, the Southwest Seed Industry Expo has taken root in the Southwest market since its beginning has become centered in Yunnan and radiates to Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Guangdong, Hunan and other surrounding provinces. At the same time, Kunming’s location advantages will be used to create China’s seed industry event for Southeast Asia. Previous exhibitions have established contacts with purchasing groups from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries. In 2024, we will continue to expand the international market promotion and publicity in Southeast Asia to bring more market business opportunities to exhibitors and visitors.

Highlight 3: Upgrading of professional visitors and improvement of exhibition level
As the exhibition level increases year by year, the stickiness of professional visitors is getting higher and higher. Through precise invitation and promotion, the organizing committee invites many outstanding visitors from home and abroad, from various provinces and cities, including agents, dealers, and retailers to industry executives at all levels, industry associations, farmer cooperatives, agricultural enterprises and related organizations, as well as universities, scientific research institutes, investors, financial service institutions, etc. The arrival of professional visitors will enhance the quality and level of the exhibition and lay a good foundation for the sustainable development of the exhibition.

Highlight Four: Three-dimensional publicity and all-round promotion
This exhibition invites many media organizations including Yunnan Daily, Spring City Evening News,, Yunnan Radio and Television Station, NetEase, Sina, Tencent and more than 200 professional media organizations to follow up on the full coverage, including live broadcast, news spreading, real-time reporting, push the organic combination of various forms such as text and publicity to present a real-time, three-dimensional, diverse and rich professional seed industry exhibition to the audience. More reports and promotions will bring more exposure to the platform and enterprises, and at the same time bring more exposure to the platform and enterprises, at the same time, it also brings more opportunities to follow.

Exhibition scope
Vegetable seeds, field crop seeds, fruit seeds, flower seeds, pasture seeds, nursery stock; special chemicals for seed treatment, seed coating agents, plant growth hormones, pesticides, fertilizers; plug trays, seeders, inspection instruments, seed processing and packaging equipment ;New technologies and processes for seed packaging and printing;

Target audience
——Foreign offices in Kunming and Southeast Asian countries’ service agencies and traders in the fields of agriculture, agricultural inputs, seedlings, and planting;
——Seed stations, seed companies, and supply and marketing systems at all levels in the southwest region;
——Seed agents, dealers, and retailers at the city, county, township, and village levels in the southwest region;
——Farmer cooperatives at all levels, fresh fruit and vegetable planting units, large households, mansions and farmers;
——Agricultural products e-commerce, fruit and vegetable brokers, agricultural product operating companies, and fruit and vegetable distributors;

【Exhibition fee】
[Standard booth]: 5,000 yuan/unit 9㎡ (3m x 3m)
[Open space]: 600 yuan/square meter (minimum rent of 18 square meters) (excluding any exhibition facilities)
  Standard booth configuration: three side panels, one table and two chairs, one 220V power supply (deposit required), two fluorescent lamps,
 A lintel board and a dustbin;

Advertising Opportunities:

Exhibition site advertising
On-site spray-painted billboards 300 yuan/㎡
Visitor Guide (back cover/inside pages) 10,000 yuan/2,000 yuan
Advertising on the back of exhibition pass 15,000 yuan/exclusive
Advertisement on the back of the visitor's pass 20,000 yuan/exclusive
Visitor ticket (back) 6,000 yuan/10,000 pieces
information kit 10,000 yuan/thousand pieces
Naming/co-organizing Consult the organizing committee for details