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Guangzhou Zhongwei

Zhongwei Exhibition Group

                                                                   ——A pioneer to make the marketization of organizing exhibition .


        Founded in 2007, Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd is an influential professional exhibition company. Thanks to its abundant experience, sharp market sense and the understanding of its customers' need, it gradually becomes one of the leading companies in exhibition industy. Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd focuses on professional exhibition, Canton Fair and special decoration design. Nanning Zhengwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidairy of Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.  

Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd firmly sticks to the principle of "relying on customers, professional operation, standard management and serving society". It has successfully held over 20 professional exhibitions in Guangzhou, Nanning, Kunming, Nanchang,Changsha,Dongguan,etc., which involve in Agriculuture, Industry, Water Treatment, Environment Protection, Medicine, Healthcare, health and wellness, etc.

Exhibitions in Agriculture include:(about agricultural material)Guangzhou Agricultural Material Expo, Guangxi Agircultural Material Expo,Yunnan Agricultural Material Expo, Jiangxi Agricultural Material Expo;(about animal husbandry)Guangzhou Animal Husbandry Expo,Jiangxi Animal Husbandry Expo; (about seed) Jiangxi Seed Trade fair,Guangxi Seed Trade Fair;(about water-saving and irrigation)Southwest Water-saving and Irrigation Expo, Guangxi Water-saving and Irrigation Expo.Thanks to the good cooperative relationship with industrial media, enterprises and distributors, many leading companies in agriculture industry regard the agricultural expos organized by Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd as strategy cooperation partners to develop the local market. The advanced concept of organizing exhibitions, the way of inviting buyers,and the heartful services atittude have become its particular company culture. 

Nanngin Zhengwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013, with planning department, business department,propaganda department,design department,customer service department. As a new exhibition organizer rooted in Bagui(the nickname of Guangxi), Guangxi Zhengwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd takes "to be professional and dedicated, innovative service; human-oriented, and promote humanized management" as its management philosophy, and basing on Guangxi, eyeing at the development trend of globalization the guide ideology. It concentrates on  fostering brand exhibitions, and takes local economic growth faciliated by exhibition economic,building a brand exhibition to activate an industry. 


            Guangzhou Zhongwei Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd welcomes all enterprises in the industry to visit the exhibition and join hands to create business opportunities.