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China Agricultural Science & Technology Expo 2020

China Agricultural Science & Technology Expo 2020
Date:August25.26,2020    Venue:Kunming,China

Theme: Science & technology energize agriculture  Innovation changes the Future


China Agricultural Science and Technology Expo (Kunming) (abbreviation: AST) is committed to promoting the world's advanced agricultural technology, products, innovative agricultural development direction, and sharing efficient, accurate, green, environmentally friendly, and agricultural production methods to industry professionals. For domestic and foreign agricultural practitioners to build exhibition, brand promotion, trade negotiations, technical exchanges, experience sharing as one of the whole industry chain exchange platform.

AST 2020 runs from breeding to dining table throughout the agricultural industry chain, focusing on industry hotspots and difficulties, providing a one-stop procurement platform for domestic and foreign companies and buyers. We welcome domestic and foreign excellent enterprises and agricultural authorities, agricultural trade associations, distributors, research institutes, planting enterprises, media and other groups to participate. Make full use of the policies and advantages of the Yunnan Free Trade Experimental Zone to jointly create an international agricultural science and technology event.

Why it is held in Kunming
1、The market potential is huge:
Yunnan is an important agricultural province in China. The planting area and output of tobacco, tea, flowers, vegetables, fruits, edible fungi, sugar cane, medicinal materials, rubber, nuts, coffee, spices, animal husbandry and other characteristic products are among the top in the country.

2. High quality development:
Yunnan has proposed to build a world-class “green food brand”. At present, there are 428 green organic foods certified by Yunnan Province, 665 new certified organic foods; 423 agricultural leading enterprises with sales revenue exceeding 100 million yuan and 30 leading agricultural enterprises with sales revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan;

3、Location advantages:
Yunnan is located in the junction of China and South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is the link between southwestern China and Southeast Asian countries. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Yunnan plans to build a railway network between China, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, China, and China.Yunnan is becoming China's commercial window to South and Southeast Asia.


4. business travel is not wrong
Kunming is known as “Flower City” and “Spring City”, and the seasons are like spring. It is an important central city and tourism and trade city in the western region. Known as a livable city in China.


 Exhibitors: 1,500 +
Booths: 2,500 +
Exhibition area: 50,000 m2 +
Visitors: 70,000 +

Concurrent Activities
1. The 17th Southwest China Agricultural Materials Expo
2. Global Special Fertilizer Exhibition
3. The 12th Southwest China Seed Industry Expo
4. China (Yunnan) Garden Tools Expo
5. The 4th China Kunming Modern Agricultural Equipment Exhibition
6. Southwest China Vegetable Industry Training Conference and Summit Forum
7. Global Crop Nutrition and Protection New Products and New Technology Conference

1. Facilities Agriculture Exhibition Area:
Water-saving irrigation, greenhouse engineering and complete sets of greenhouses, greenhouse materials, greenhouse supporting systems; Plant lighting, plant factory scheme equipment, etc. Biological tissue culture, soilless culture technology and equipment;

2. Plant Protection Aviation Exhibition Area:
Agricultural aircraft and its components, software systems, agricultural aviation pesticide application technology and spraying equipment, agricultural aviation remote sensing technology, agricultural aviation special products, etc.; Agricultural aircraft leasing, repair, maintenance, training and other service enterprises;

3. Smart Agriculture Exhibition Area:
Agricultural Internet of Things technologies and equipment, such as environmental awareness and monitoring; Agricultural product quality safety and traceability system; Agriculture and rural big data; Precision agricultural hardware and software such as intelligent agricultural robots, modern agricultural machinery equipment and software;

4. Exhibition Area for Means of Agricultural Production:
Various fertilizers, pesticides, nursery stocks, special fertilizers, agricultural films, mulching films, agricultural plastics, fertilizer/pesticide production and packaging equipment, etc. ;

5. Agriculture and Rural Environmental Protection Exhibition Area:
agricultural environmental protection technology and equipment: livestock and poultry breeding waste treatment and resource utilization technology and equipment; Technical equipment for harmless treatment of dead livestock and poultry; Biomass energy power generation technology and equipment; Technical equipment for comprehensive utilization of crop straw; Technical equipment in environmental monitoring, soil remediation and other fields; Rural water supply, sewage, garbage and other treatment technologies and equipment. , river treatment equipment, rural toilet renovation and excrement treatment technology and equipment, etc.

"AST2020" is the only choice to expand the market
We provide...
● Increase the exposure of brands in the mainstream market through multi-channel publicity means.
● Helping you find quality buyers, develop new business partners, and obtain valuable sales opportunities.
●Cooperate with many industry associations, associations and research institutes to hold forum activities that match the current market situation and future trends.
You will get...
● Face-to-face communication with customers to understand their purchasing needs and expand sales.
● Establish contacts with industry-related upstream and downstream quality buyers and partners to develop new business opportunities.
● Show your latest products and build a brand image to gain a foothold in the market.
● Gain global industry trends through forums and technology sharing sessions held concurrently.