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About Us
 Understand ast 2022
China (Kunming) agricultural science and Technology Expo (AST) is committed to promoting the world's advanced agricultural technologies, products and innovative agricultural development direction, and sharing efficient, accurate, green, environmental protection and agricultural production methods with industry professionals. It has built a whole industry chain exchange platform integrating exhibition, brand promotion, trade negotiation, technology exchange and experience sharing for agricultural practitioners at home and abroad.
Ast 2022 runs through the whole agricultural industry chain from breeding to dining table, focusing on industry hotspots and difficulties, and providing a one-stop procurement platform for domestic and foreign enterprises and buyers. Excellent enterprises at home and abroad, agricultural authorities, agricultural industry associations, dealers, scientific research institutes, planting enterprises, media and other groups are welcome to participate. Make full use of the policies and advantages of Yunnan pilot free trade zone to jointly build an international agricultural science and technology event.