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Exhibition Highlights

Four Highlights Hit Directly, Gathering Core Value of Industry

Focus on Southeast Asian Countries to Improve Buyer Quality
SAF2020 will continue to strengthen cooperation with agricultural government agencies, agricultural associations and industry media in Southeast Asian countries on the basis of the invitation work of previous international purchasers, so as to improve the quality of international purchasers' visits. The audience of international buyers is expected to double.

Strictly examine the participation qualification and improve the quality of exhibits
In order to upgrade the exhibition specifications and make SAF a first-class agricultural trade platform, SAF2020 will strictly examine the qualifications of participating enterprises. All participating enterprises must provide business licenses and relevant certificates for product registration. The displayed products must conform to relevant national quality standards and must not exceed the scope of registration certificates.

One-stop platform for professional integration
SAF2020 follows the development of the entire industrial chain, closely follows the hot spots in the industry, and forms thematic highlights with professional characteristics. At the same time, each exhibition area is relatively independent and shares resources. It is not only self-contained but also deeply integrated to show the integration of modern agriculture industry chain and professional operation.

Brands are more concentrated
Previous exhibitors: Kangpu, Yuntianhua, Sinochem, Zhongnong, Israeli Chemical, Jin Zhengda, Good Harvest, Zhongshan, Huaxing, Weirda, Longwan, Jingbo, Yongnong, Yinghui, Shidole, Sedomi, Total, Cape, South Africa, etc. In 2020, more high-quality brands and organizations from different industries will join in.