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About Us
Annually held in Kunming, China, the China (Kunming) Seed, Agricultural Means & Machinery expo is one of the largest exhibitions about agricultural materials, which exhibits pesticide,fertilizer,seed,agricultural
machinery, garden machine and tools, irrigation equipment,plastic film, premium agricultural products,etc. In 2019, the filed exhibition, the China (Kunming) of Fine Breed Demonstration 2019, will continuously be held in
Yiliang, Kunming, China. Besides, a new exhibition area is set to exhibit imported products and general agricultural hardware and electromechanical equipment and tools, as well as agricultural ad forestry machinery. Being
oriented to Southwest China,South and Southwest Asia,every year the expo attracts more than 1,500 companies globally and 3,000 varieties to demonstrate in the field. The expo covers an area of around 60,000 m2,and
receives around 80,000 visitors. It is praised as “the vane of China’s modern agricultural science and technology development”, and has become an important window of China’ s agriculture to the agriculture of South and
Southeast Asian countries.