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Exhibition Highlights


Hitting On Four Highlights,Gathering The Core Value Of The Industry

The SAF 2019 organizing committee will continue to invite international buyers,which has been done in 2018, and enhance its cooperation with  agricultural governmental institutions, agricultural associations,and industrial media in Southeastern countries, so as to improve the quality of the buyers. It is estimated that over 5000 international visitors will participate in the expo. 

set an international import area, and build an international regional capital of exhibition.

As the only agricultural material event in China that is engaged in the whole industrial chain and oriented towards South and Southeast Asia, the SAF organizing committee sets an international import exhibition area in 2019 for the first time, and mainly invites foreign leading companies, green and environmental-friendly agricultural material products to the exhibition, making good use of Yunnan's regional advantages to build an international regional capital of exhibition.
integrating profession to build an one-stop platform
Following the base of the development of the whole industrial chain, the organizing committee will stick to industrial hot topics and form theme highlights with professional features.Meanwhile, every exhibition area is relatively independent while sharing their resources. It forms a system itself, and integrates in a deep level. It demonstates the integration of modern whole industrial of agriculture and the professional operation.
go deep into the main planting area,affect every step of the whole industrial chain
the organizing committee will go to the main planting areas in southwest China and the border area of southwest China to invite planters and cooperatives to the exhibition.