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You can get the tickets by: 
providing two pieces of your name cards at the reception
filling the "visitor registration form" at the reception 
sending the filled "visitor registration form" to the organizing committee by Fax:020-28269646,
finishing the online visitor registration, then you will get a barcode with which you can enter the exhibition hall.

Visiting Indicator
there will be an indication board at the entrance,which shows the list of the exhibitors and the floor plan. 

Exhibition Directory
An essential tool with all exhibitors' profile.

Instruction for On-site Registration
1,On-site registration (unregistered buyers)
1,Buyers with business cards
show your business card->queue up for registration-> register for the ticket
2,Buyers without business card
Fill the visitor registration form at the reception->staff check the information->register for the ticket.
3,Interpreter:get the interpreter badge by providing the buyer's ticket,who you are accompanying.
4,Correspondent and journalist: to get the media pass and journalist pass with effected license.

2,Registered buyers(buyer who have done registration online/invited),please register on webiste:
show the registration No. and business card->get the ticket

3,Group buyers
1)registered group buyers
group leader submit the group members list->get the group buyers ticket.
2)on-site group buyers
a,Buyers from one company:group leader submit personal business card and group members list->staff check the information->get the tickets.
b, Buyers from different companies: group leader provide all members' business card->staff check the information->get the tickets.

Visiting process
register at the reception->get the tickets/visiting guide->staff scan the tickets->enter the exhibition hall.